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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 19, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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building with blue and yellow lights this morning in celebration of the golden state warriors with another win in game 2. it's tuesday, april 19. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everybody. i'm kenny choi. do we all stay up and watch the game tonight? you were at the game. >> because of that i promise i'll have my hair combed in the next segment. i didn't get home until like 11:15. what a game. because we're true fans here and everybody stays to the end of the game. you know what the situation is like to get out. it was over an hour to get out of the parking lot but we were all talking about the game and cheering -- i think they could hear us all the way to san francisco from oakland. >> we heard your voice. [ laughter ] good morning. we have a few high, thin clouds over the embarcadero center as we look at the beautiful lights 2-0 in the standings now as we celebrate the warriors. second day of record highs. it was 83 degrees in the city
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of san francisco yesterday. today it's cool. you will feel the difference. 13 degrees cooler in san francisco but not shabby. 70. i have your full forecast coming up. >> good morning. i think you might have driven through this, this morning, roberta, westbound yerba buena island and fremont street. the right lane is closed for construction until 5:00. no major delays though. bay bridge quiet off to a great start out of oakland into san francisco. for an entire month an email scam grew more and more destructive at one bay area university. only on "5" reporter andria borba shows us how the breach was detected and why thousands of employees have reason to panic reporter: >> with one click of a mouse they apparently sent out w2 forms for thousands of employees reporter: 3,000 employees with the academy of art are wondering how bad the damage s kpix 5 obtained a copy of this letter dated april 13 informing
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employees of the breach. >> we are dealing with a sophisticated international internet fraud and we're doing everything we can. >> reporter: on march 4, someone in hr received an email that looked like it was from an administrator with the academy of art. the address looked legit but it wasn't. the email had been spoofed. >> someone should have looked at the letter closely. people who deal with sensitive information should have training in it. >> reporter: it wasn't detected until april 5. that's when an irs told an employee who tried to file their taxes that it was already filed. >> reporter: this person signed up for years of monitoring in the wake of the breach. he doesn't know if his return is already in a criminal's hurricanes after filing on
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march 20. >> no one will know for sure until my tax return is supposed to come back. experion doesn't even know. there's a lag time. >> reporter: the academy of art is working with the fbi to trace it and the master minds behind it. we wanted to know if the person responsible for falling for that bogus email was still working with the academy of art. has that employee been fired? that's information that i am not at liberty to discuss with you. that's handled internally. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> the offer of credit monitoring is two years but irs returns can be altered for seven so academy of art says it will help employees if anything suspicious happens seven years out a criminal investigation is launched against theranos. they built a $9 billion business on its blood testing technology. the justice department has serious questions about whether
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it actually works. right now, theranos is not facing formal charges but their lab could be shut down in newark depending what they find. they proposed banning the owner for two years from the tech industry. the initiative was inspired by this crash in san francisco's union square back in november. under the current rules, the chp only inspects a sample bus from each fleet. that means roughly 70% of tour buses are not inspected. the new legislation passed a hurdle monday and now goes to the appropriations committee for more frequent inspections. a broad daylight bike theft, joe vazquez with the video. >> reporter: the surveillance video begins with a man in a trench coat and cain limping down the 400 block of valencia. he walked up to a bicycle,
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pulls a power saw from his bag, and the sparks begin to fly. the ear splitting grinding seems to go on forever. people walk casually by most never even looking his direction. finally the thief cuts through the lock, walks the bike down the sidewalk and ride away. >> bold. i mean, that's like a bold move. >> reporter: the bike belongs to julia robertson of berkeley who was out on friday night. she locked it up around 7:00 and walked inside. and during the middle of the show she was at, she and the other audience members heard a loud noise coming from outside. >> it sounded like grinding. it was a grinder. he was grinding away. didn't take long. >> reporter: what did you think at the time when you heard the noise? >> honestly, i had this weird thought that maybe i hadn't locked the bike to the bike rack and so i was worried, obviously. but when i heard that weird noise i didn't think of jumping up and running out to look for my bike. so when i went outside, the bike rack was there but my bike
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was not there. it was gone. >> reporter: what shocked and disappoints julia and anyone who has seen the video -- >> the people walked by, completely. >> reporter: -- is that no one stopped to help -- except for one lady. she said something to the thief but by then, he was leaving. >> she did what she could. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> julia reported the stolen bike to police. the man with the trench coat, cain and new bike is on the loose. the bike is worth about $1,200. it is amazing though a lot of people walked by and didn't look to see. that's a loud noise. >> it's a horrifying story in the east bay where we have many triathletes and very expensive bikes because you race, now this as well, kenny, too, $6,000 bikes easily, okay? i have a friend who was riding in the hills of oakland, he is a firefighter, a van knocked him off his bike, stole his wife and he had to walk for miles to a fire department station actually. but this is what people are doing just to get the bikes
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because they know they're worth money. it's horrible, it really is. >> all right. let's talk about the heatup. >> we had half a dozen record highs yesterday across the bay area, and today it will be delightful as far as your numbers are concerned but we'll cool down considerably. here's the view of the shark tank in san jose. yeah, disappointing loss in overtime yesterday. but we'll get them back the kings in game 3 tomorrow night! you want to go? >> yeah! >> all right. temperatures 48 santa rosa, 60 san francisco, 53 in livermore. good morning, everyone. numbers will not break any records today. we are talking about 60s, 70s at the beaches. 80s in the eastern portion of the bay area. 60s, 70s to the north. we'll talk about the pollen report coming up next time around. >> good morning. we have a couple of things brewing out there now. the bay bridge so far is an
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easy ride out of oakland into san francisco. no delays especially near the toll plaza. metering lights are off. across the span there's roadwork westbound between yerba buena island and fremont street. that will be there until 5:00. south 880 at fremont truck scales an accident, no delays on 880 yet still very early. and along south 880 at 92 an earlier accident, they had some damage to the attenuators off to the side so maybe activity there as they fix that. san mateo bridge no problem. everything is clear out of hayward into foster city. happening today, san jose's city council takes up one of the most stressful subjects in the bay area, rent control. councilmembers will consider proposals that would lower the
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maximum yearly rent increase. for now, it's 8% for units built before 1979. the council will also consider expanding the rent control rules to newer buildings and to duplexes which is are currently left out. san jose's current rent ordinance was established in 1979. campaign 2016. three presidential hopefuls have ties to new york and today voters there decide who is fit for the post. reporter brian webb shows us what the candidates did to prove worthy of the job reporter: brooklyn born bernie sanders pounded the pavement and ramped up the pressure hoping to pull off an upset win in new york. >> this is a movement getting the establishment very, very nervous. >> reporter: hillary clinton has a 10-point lead over sanders in her adopted state. she spent the day drumming up support from her biggest backers, women and minorities. >> i need your help to keep going and to make the case for the kind of country that we
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want for our children and our grandchildren. >> reporter: for the republicans if donald trump can capture more than 50% of the statewide vote it puts him in position to win all of new york's 95 gop delegates. even a slip of the tongue during his speech in buffalo didn't seem to trip him up. >> i watched our police and our firemen down at 7-eleven down at the world trade center right after it came down and i saw the greatest people i have ever seen in action. >> reporter: ted cruz who criticized trump's new york values is bracing for a tough day while insisting he is the best bet for the gop to win the white house. >> if we unite, we will win the general, we will beat hillary clinton and we will turn this country around. >> reporter: the polls show trump has more support in his native new york than ted cruz and john kasich combined. brian webb for cbs news. >> the polls close in new york at 6 p.m.
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our time. the streak continues for the warriors. it wasn't a blowout but they won. >> no need to shoot it. the warriors are going to win. >> the warriors take game 2 of the play-off series without their star steph curry. that's okay, though. the warriors tweeted out this photo right after the game, captioned let it rain. how exciting is that? kpix 5's christin ayers was at last night's game reporter: warriors fans who they came to see, they will tell you. who are you most excited to see? >> steph curry. >> steph curry. >> reporter: but this was the only glimpse fans got of curry in his uniform during a warmup. he did some drills, took some shots, and left the court after only 10 minutes. curry sat on the bench nursing a rolled ankle. fans said this was the warriors' chance to test their motto plastered all over oracle arena. >> we have strength in numbers. >> reporter: and ultimately the warriors delivered. >> we miss steph but the
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players are equally as able to carry the team. it was a fabulous game. we loved every minute of it. >> it was a little rough but they pulled it off. >> steph wanted to sit out one more game, we can still do it. >> yeah, man. i said let me set down one more in houston and then we go game 4 in houston. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. >> looking ahead, games 3 and 4 will be in houston april 21 and 24 and if necessary game 5 and 7 will be in oakland. 4:42. the death toll continues to rise in ecuador as rescuers continue searching for anyone buried in the rubble. we're there as aid arrives for thousands next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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earthquake in ecuador has en als this morning, the search for survivors buried in the rubble after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in ecuador is in its
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fourth day. 1400 people were killed in the quake and thousands are homeless. david begnaud has the latest from ecuador reporter: reporter: when we arrived here in the city of portoviejo people were running toward a truck and we weren't sure what was going on. it turned out to be a food truck. some of these people in line in the heat haven't had a meal in 48 hours. this woman had not eaten since saturday. how much of a relief is this? [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: she told us this is to feet my mother, father and two kids -- to feed my mother, father and two kid. behind me is a search-and- rescue team in colombia. this home collapsed. they moved debris out so they could get into a safe place to start digging for possible survivors. on the next lot, a rescuer ran up to us and told us that a man had just called for help. he was trapped under the rubble of a hotel. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: when we got to the hotel, it was chaotic. rescuers were trying to figure out what to do.
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you're okay. you're okay. we spotted this woman who looked helpless. it was her husband, pablo, who was trapped. he had called her on his cell phone from under the rubble. >> we have good news. >> reporter: two hours after rescuers started searching for pablo, they found him and our camera was rolling as the crowd cheered. he was pulled from the rubble alive and he was taken to the hospital. david begnaud, cbs news, portoviejo, ecuador. >> fbi and squat teams called into the state capital after a man barricaded himself in a car blocking an intersection for hours forcing the bomb squad to do this. [ explosion ] >> they detonated what they called a suspicious device in the trunk. the car's windows were covered in brown paper with word scribbled on it. during the standoff the man screamed at police and snapped pictures of the scene outside. >> what's important is we were able to open up the lines of
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communication with this individual and were able to effect a safe conclusion to this event without anybody getting hurt. >> eventually, the man surrendered. his roommate told police he had to get a restraining order against him after he reportedly threatened her with a baseball bat. she also said the man was angry at his wife and tried to put a propane taken in the oven of their home. at moffett field, nasa is testing drones. nasa is flying the drones to gauge the success of its traffic management research platform that requires drone flights at 6 faa sites around the country at the same time. moffett field action start at 8 a.m. nasa checked the weather at each site for smooth flying. nasa just released this video of the aurora borealis from space. it looks almost fake. it's real. the time lapse shots come from the international space
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station. video company harmonic was hired last year to help launch the 4k cameras that captured all of this video. isn't that cool? >> yeah. beautiful shot but not as cool as the shots that you always show us in the morning. >> i can't wrap my head around that! i think if i was to go up in space i would go nuts!! it's just too much! i can't handle it! too much for the senses. it's so beautiful. a look from the transamerica period we have blue and gold. good morning. we have high, thin cloud. we have clouds.
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another morning in which it's extremely mild 60 in san francisco after yesterday's record tying event 83 degrees, set a record in 1914. so gives you a good idea it's never this warm or hot at this time. year but you will feel a cooldown today. i'm looking ahead towards wednesday and thursday. increasing cloud cover and notice increasing chances of rain. we have that chance of rain in the north bay thursday. friday, i would plan on rain. less than a quarter inch. 60s in the sierra. here's your pollen report. if you have allergies, we have
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high alder, ash and juniper. 60s, 70s and 80s near 90 toward the delta. numbers coming down. 70s tomorrow. low 70s outside number on thursday and there's your chances of rain as we end up the workweek. let's jump over to 880/92. southbound monitoring this accident right at fremont truck scales. good news it's cleared out of the roads. south 880 at 92, they cleared this accident for the most part. the only problem is damage to the sand barrels off to the side. no delays. you can see all the green here along 880 connecting over to 92. no problem. live look at the san mateo bridge. traffic is nice westbound between 880 and 101.
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bay bridge conditions quiet. so more minutes for this closure right lane shut down between yerba buena island to fremont street for construction done by 5. westbound commute out of orinda not bad. the thought of flying in a small plane would make some of us not roberta shake in our boots. >> of course not roberta. also this woman. marie, who is almost 101 and she wasn't scared.
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a none of profit gets seniors flying high for the thrill of t out of 1600 trips offered, marie is the second oldest person to take off. >> were you frightened? >> no, of course not. [ laughter ] >> the only people upset are those who are frustrated because they didn't get to fly longer. >> she said of course not. lynn ballmer could have been the oldest aviator but at 108 lynn decided to play it safe. time now 4:52. remembering everybody's favorite mother. memories of doris roberts from those who worked closest with her. that's next.
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remembering doris roberts ts morning. roberts won four emmy awards for her portrayal of marie barone on cbs fans and coworkers are
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remembering doris roberts this morning. she won four emmys for her portrayal of marine barone on cbs' "everybody loves raymond." she got 7 nominations as best supporting actress for the sitcom. >> crystal cruz reports from hollywood reporter: fans have been stopping by her star to snap photos and to honor her for her work that made us laugh out loud for years. >> frank, you rascal. [ laughter ] >> reporter: on "everybody loves raymond," she was amazing. >> very feisty. >> reporter: roberts began her career on broadway and quickly moved to tv with guest roles on many of the top comedies of the '70s and '80s. she also won an emmy for an appearance on "st. elsewhere." >> what did they say? you know? robert, they said that deborah dresses a little trampy. >> i think they were being kind. [ laughter ] >> reporter: ray romano who played her son on "everybody loves raymond" said in a
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statement, doris roberts had an energy and a spirit that amazed me. whether working professionally or with her many charities or just nurturing and mentoring a young green comic trying to make it as an actor. she did it all with such a grand love for life and people, and i will miss her dearly." >> she can do whatever she wants because i'm done talking to her. >> reporter: patricia heaton, doris' other co-star on "everybody loves raymond" tweeted a picture and said truly, the end of an era. in hollywood, crystal cruz for cbs news. a lawyer for a group of women says they have settled their racial discrimination lawsuit against the napa valley wine train. the black women claimed conductors discriminated against them when they kicked them off the train last year for being too loud. details of the settlement have not been disclosed. it still need to be approved by the wine train's governing board. a religious group is suing san francisco to get open air urinalysis removed from a park.
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the san francisco chinese christian union calls the urinalysis at dolores park offensive and grossly unseemly. the group also claims that the urinalysis don't meet plumbing codes and are not user-friendly for women or people in wheelchairs. today the cbs drugstore -- cvs drugstore chain is expected to announce a new curbside pickup service. they say customers will be able to order items with the mobile app and have them delivered to their vehicles. the retailer says there will be no charge and the orders will be ready in about an hour. the service will first be available at stores in california, georgia and north carolina. customers must still pick up prescription drugs inside the store or at drive-through windows. time now 4:57. new york is the center of the political universe for the day. next, we talk to our political insider about the state's presidential primaries. >> reporter: and after months of studying and debate, the san jose city council finally set to vote on rent control later today. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i'm michelle griego. and i'm kenny choi. . good morning. cars on the road, this is 880 in oakland near oracle arena, the scene of the warriors victory yesterday. it's tuesday, april 19. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everybody. i'm kenny choi. happening today, san jose city council will vote on rent control and better oversight of landlords with residents saying the city is in a housing crisis. kpix 5's keit do reports from san jose reporter: good morning. san jose has some of the most expensive rent in the bay area if not the country. currently one-bedroom apartment in san jose is about $2,400 a month. but big changes could be


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